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I am a huge fan of Ta:kingdoms, playing since childhood in singleplayer. When i meet gameranger and have acknowledged that i would play online with someone, i have tried, and, the results were not good. I am a excellent single player gamer but a horrible multiplayer gamer. Everyone who wants to t...
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TAK ranking
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Mistrzostwa Polski myClub PESmyClubPolska link do strony: II FAZA ELIMINACYJNA - gramy od 19.03.2018 do 18.04.2018 - 10 GRUP ReguĊ‚y/Regulamin: 1. platforma - PS 4 2. gra - PES 2018 3. gdzie gramy - myClub -> myClub FRIENDLY MATCH -&...
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Welcome to the BF4 Attack Heli 2v2 Ladder. Matches in this ladder may be played on either Golmud Railyway with normal 2v2 rulesets or on Operation Firestorm with Below Radar 2v2 rulesets. The challenger decides the format. RULES Rules that only apply to cup style t...
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BSB Network CoH2
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ABZ Games Malifaux League
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Campeonato de MineCraft da SuperGeeks
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