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League Officers
League Information
League Name FIFA 10 Ladder
Description FIFA 10 Ladder between friends and family!

Please ensure that your Xbox Gamertag is present in your profile (Contact Details) and you make a Friends Request to all members of the ladder.
Category Ladder
Friendly Link ../myleague/fifa10
Ladder Information
Ladder FIFA 10
Description FIFA 10 Ladder

  • Teams are Singles
  • Members may challenge anyone
  • Members can only make One Challenge at a time
  • Results can only be submitted by the Challengee
  • A Successful Challenge is when the challenger wins or draws the game
  • After a Successful Challenge the winner takes the higher position and the loser drops one position
  • A Challenge must be played within 5 days
  • A Challenge reminder will be sent out 3 days after a Challenge being made
  • Challenges have 1 days grace before they will be automatically updated
  • Players will automatically drop a position after 7 days of inactivity (including leader)