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League Officers
White Shadow (leader)
League Information
League Name 1vs1 Ranked Matches
Description 1 vs 1 Ranked matches -- Version 1.1...

Map: WS 1v1 League Map ...

Match Rules: 3k, 10 pt, nffs, Gamespeed 50...

No cheating or turbo mousing, viewer spots will be used if you are of constant accusation of cheating..
Category Ladder
Friendly Link ../myleague/shcranked
Ladder Information
Ladder 1 vs 1
Description Ranked matches, let the games begin...

  • Teams are Singles
  • A Challenge may only be made 2 positions above your current position
  • When you first join the ladder, you may challenge anyone
  • Members can only make One Challenge at a time
  • A Successful Challenge is when the challenger wins the game
  • After a Successful Challenge the players swap positions
  • A Challenge must be played within 7 days
  • Players are limited to 7 Challenge(s) within 7 day(s)
  • A Challenge reminder will be sent out 7 days after a Challenge being made
  • Challenges have 2 days grace before they will be automatically updated
  • Players will automatically drop a position after 31 days of inactivity (excluding leader)