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Create a Ladder

Guide on how to create a new ladder.

Select Create New League

After logging into Free Online League, select "Create New League" which is located under the "My Leagues" sub-menu.

Complete the Create New League Web Form

Complete the web form ensuring that the League Category is set to Ladder. Other options privacy settings and if a forum or document uploading is required.

Upload a League Photo

Now that the main league has been created, its time to add an image to represent your ladder.

Select "Choose File" and select a image from your own compter. Ensure that the file type is one of the following; jpeg,jpg,gif,png

Select Ladder Settings

Next we need to create the Ladder Settings. Select either of the links to create your Ladder Settings.

Create Ladder Settings

As with the Create League web form, complete this Ladder Settings web form selecting each settings as you wish your Ladder to be configured. Each settings has a blue question mark which details additional information.

If in doubt and you are looking to create a basic Ladder, you only need to complete the title and description. Dont worry, these settings can be changed anytime.

Your Ladder has now been Created!

Thats it, your Ladder has been created!

Select the link to view your Ladder.

Next, Invite Members

You now need to invite some members to your Ladder. Please see that separate help guide for this step.