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Ladder Members Guide - Dare

Guide how to dare another player

Select Dare

Player "Paul" wishes to Dare "Site Aministrator" for them to Challenge Paul. This is because Site Administrator is "scared" to Challenge them!

Logged in as "Paul" and at their Ladder page and Tab, Paul Clicks the Dare link within the Site Administrators Action area (highlighted above).

Add Comments and Make the Dare

Paul add comments regarding the Dare within the optional Message area. This gives Paul the chance to give Site Administrator some banter!

The Dare button is then clicked.

Dare Complete - Wall Tab

The Wall Tab shows that Paul has dared Site Administrator to Challenge them.

Everyone else within the Ladder can also see, hopefully prompting Site Administrator to Challenge Paul!

Dare Complete - Email Notification

Site Admininstrator receives an email notification regarding the dare.

Dare Complete - Update Notification

Site Administrator also has a site notification update that they have been dared.