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Ladder Members Guide - Submit Challenge Result

Guide on how to submit a Challenge result

Select Submit Result

Either player may submit the Challenge result.

Click the "Submit Result" link from within the Challenge information section.

Submit the Result

Enter the score taking note of the players above the score boxes.

Enter an optional game comment and click Submit.

Challenge Complete - Ladder Tab

After the Challenge result has been submitted, the Ladder page is refreshed.

The Ladder Tab now shows that Paul has taken the position of Site Administrator as Paul won the Challenge.

The Stats and ELO rating has also been updated.

Challenge Complete - Results Tab

The Results Tab shows the result of the Challenge just submitted.

Challenge Complete - Table Tab

The Table Tab shows an updated table using the Challenge Results to date.

Challenge Complete - Wall Tab

The Wall Tab shows the notification that Paul took Site Administrator position after the Challenge. Both Paul and Site Administrator (and other Ladder members) can comment and "like" the post.

Challenge Complete - Notification Email

Site Adminsitrator receives a conformation email that Paul submitted the Challenge Result.

Challenge Complete - Notification Update

Site Administrator also has a site notification update that the Challenge result has been submitted.