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Private Messages

Guide on how to send and receive Private Messages

My Message Inbox

Select the Message Link on the Sub-menu to access Private Messages (PM)

The Inbox is shown by default which lists all Private Messages that have been sent to you.

Clicking an Inbox Subject item will allow the message to be read and responded too.

New Private Messages can be composed using the "Compose New Message" Link or selecting New Message from the Messages Sub-menu drop down.

Old Private Messages can be delete by clicking the delete link next to the message.

Compose New Message

After clicking the Compose New Message link, complete the pop-up and click Send Message.

Upon typing in the To field, current Friends will be auto-suggested. Select who you wish to send the Private Message too (Max 20).

Responding to a Message - Notification

Upon receiving an email notification that your have a Private Message, the Messages within the Sub-menu will show how many unread items you have.

Click the Messages Link to be taken to your Inbox.

Responding to a Message - Read Message and Respond

After clicking the unread item within your Inbox, you can populate the Reply textarea with your reply.

Click Send Message when ready to send the response.

Your response will now be within your Sent Messages.

Sent Messages

Clicking the Sent Messages Link will display all messages that you have previously sent.