Guide on how to sign up.

Sign Up

There are two ways to Sign Up; manual or Facebook Connect

We suggest that you sign up using the Facebook Connect if you have a Facebook account. This allows the option for Facebook posts when Ladder activities take place. This adds to the "banter" within the Ladder - lots of fun!

If you do not have a Facebook account, enter the details manually and click Continue.

Create your Profile

Next, complete the Personal Information and click "Continue".

Please note that, if entered, your First Name / Last Name will be used as your Displayed name through out the site. If you leave these blank, your Username will be used.

Upload Your Photo

Next, select "Choose File" and select a image from your own compter. Ensure that the file type is one of the following; jpeg,jpg,gif,png

Once the image has been uploaded, you have the option to crop the image.

Verify your Email Address

A confirmation email will be sent where a confirmation link is required to be clicked to activate your account.

Confirmation Email

Once the email has been delivered, click the confirmation link.

If the email doesnt arrive, check your Junk mail. Failing that you can request the confirmation by attempting to sign into the website OR contacting the Site Administrator using the Contact Us link.

Email Address Verification

You now have signed up to Free Online League.

Log On

After Loging in for the first time you are presented with the "My home" page. You may create your own League (Ladder, Standard League or Knock-out) or join an existing one using the invitation code.