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Sign up (its free!)
Enter the players or teams
Enter and update the games

Look at all these Free Features!

ShoutBox, Description page, Results, League Table, Private Leagues, Private Mail, Team Profiles, Multiple Seasons, Conferences, Divisions…

Upgrade to the PRO version? There isn’t one! Everything is FREE!

Automatic or Manual?

You can either let the system automatically maintain the league for you OR you can manually maintain the Results and League Table Pages yourself (cut and paste from Excel or other Spreadsheets!).
Free Online League?
What is Free Online League? Its is a simple way to manage your league, online and for free.
Your League can be managed either automatically or manually.
Automatic League Management?
Free Online League can automatcially maintain your Results and League Table. You need to perform the initial set-up of the conference, divisions and teams and then enter the results.
The Results and League will then be automatically maintained.
Manual League Management?
If you simply want to manage the Results and League Table yourself, then this is the option for you.
Use our web page editor to design/enter/cut and paste the Results and League Table. Thats it!
This option is popular if you currently track your league using Word or Excel/Spreadsheets.
Please see our forum posts (here and here) for some fantastic free examples that you can use.
Why use Free Online League?

  • When you wish to keep track of your league and the results.
  • You maintain your league locally on your PC, but wish to publish the content on the internet.
  • You want to offer a community website for your league.
  • Choice of automatic or manual.
  • Cos it’s free!